Without Addresses, Net Art for Documenta X, 1997

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Christopher Blase wrote in ArtForum (August 1997):
"When a user accesses without addresses, a small window with the simple command "Tell me who you are!" pops up just above the city map. In putting a name or term initiates a search program, familiar to Net users, that randomly selects another site on the Web containing a matching word. However, the site the program selects is scrambled: images are altered in size; texts from the site are turned into script and overlap the images. With a little luck, a handwritten text about the user will suddenly show up on the screen (or at least that's what the programmers promise once the technical difficulties of the site are ironed out). More likely, though, the system, in a calculated misunderstanding, will make the "wrong" pick and choose a text that has nothing to do with the visitor signing on other than the coincidence that it contains a matching word.

Each new insertion is represented on the map with an orange, then yellow dot; clicking on one of these dots calls up a handwritten note, including the name or term that has been inserted. As more people participate, the city map becomes populated with visitors. The more interesting the visitors (and recognizable names are found every now and then), the more interesting the trek through the unknown city. But even unknown names may yield interesting information."