Thomas Kumlehn and Karl C. Wedemeyer initiated the project FeldReise in 1994. From 15th of july to 10th of september, they will - in co-operation with 18 other artists - realize concepts, which will refer to the different perception of the former Krampnitz barracks.

The conditions, accepted by all the participants, were part of the invitation:

From 5th of october to 10th of november 1994, there will be an exhibit in the Staudenhof gallery in Potsdam, where all participants will show their work: each for three days.

List of participating artists resp. artist groups:

Roman Signer		St. Gallen - Switzerland
ASA European		Köln - Germany
H.G.G.N.		Köln - Germany; Hungary
Ro. Ka. Wi.		Köln - Germany; Hungary
Jefgenij Jufit		St. Petersburg - Russia
Alexander Mouton	Chicago - USA
Monika Günther		Essen - Germany
Stefan Schneider	Köln - Germany
Verena Kraft		München - Germany
Kurt Petz		München - Germany
Danny Devos		Antwerpen - Belgium
Jacques van Poppel	Amsterdam - Netherlands
Yana Milev		Berlin - Germany
Jörg Rothamel		Asbach - Germany
Handshake		Berlin - Germany
Thomas Kumlehn		Potsdam- Germany
Karl C. Wedemeyer	Potsdam- Germany

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