<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< GRAB YOUR ERRORS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Since my PC was hit by lightning TWICE last winter I have been collecting error-messages. The event generated all kinds of strange and wonderful screen-distortions, hang-ups and plain text-reports like: 'Cmos checksum mismatch', 'Invalid device request reading drive C', and the everyday: 'Unable to read sector'. After replacing the main board, power supply and two internal modems, the errors occures less frequent. I have therefore developed certain methods of provoking errors in all my applications, and I always keep a resident screen-capture device that can be activated grabbing my most interesting errors. Today this collection counts about 2700 different messages and distorted screens, or more than 100 MB of scrambled 1's and 0's. Now I've started creating colourful graphic collages out of these errors. Failure's turned to victory, so to say, and the 100 MB has become my most powerful resource. But I need more! That is why I ask you to: SEND ME YOUR ERRORS! I can make use of any original error message or twisted screen, ASCII or binary. When I receive one or more of your errors, you'll get one of my collages in return. Binary files can be sent uuencoded to my e-mail adress, or uploaded as private files (User: Alfedgar) at Bergen By Byte, Norway, Phone: +47 55 324 447 (N-8-1-9600). My collage will be sent you by e-mail as uuencoded JPEG-file (default). JPEG should be valid on most platforms, but tell me if you want another graphic format (GIF, PCX, BMP, TIFF, PICT). Give me some days to pick the right one for you.

Alf Edgar P.O.Box 1327 N-5002 BERGEN Norway Phone: +47 55 193 652 Internet mail: alfe@ii.uib.no or: Alfedgar@cs.bbb.no