Date: Mon, 04 Apr 1994 10:37:25 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Re: HANDSHAKE - electronic art ?

HI! I've been talking to others on this subject and doing a research paper on using the computer in the art classroom. Here's my philosophy. I view the computer as a new tool. When someone invented the loom or the ceramic wheel-did people balk and refuse to use it or learn about it-even though they are faster, and effective????? There are still many people who don't use the loom (at least the mechanical ones, but rather hand-made or "Traditional"looms) and that's a choice-their art is neither more or less "Art" because of the tools they use. There are also famous clay artists who create hand built-coil pots that are just as beautiful as the ones created on the wheel- Therefore viewing electronics as a plus, an advancement, rather than a threat could open your mind to the possibilities.